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Snoring Doesn't Just Ruin Your Sleep              

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Consequences of Snoring

Have you lost sleep because of continuous loud snoring? Most of us have.

That annoying sound that drives you crazy and keeps you from getting a good night's sleep isn't just a nuisance. It's a sure indicator the person you love is at risk!

Snoring and gasping for breath during sleep is the sound of the body struggling to get enough oxygen because the air passage is blocked.

It's the lack of oxygen that makes you exhausted and irritable. It makes it difficult to concentrate during the day. The Academy of Sleep Medicine reports daytime fatigue is a primary symptom of snoring.

Lack of oxygen to the brain and other organs can cause extreme exhaustion, irritability and memory loss. Over time, this may contribute to diseases such as high blood pressure and heart attacks. It certainly can speed aging - after all, your body needs plenty of oxygen to maintain a youthful appearance. Surveys show that many people have difficulty staying awake while driving, or are sleepy during work. Have you ever heard someone express disinterest in sex because they were just too tired? According to surveys, millions are.

It may be hard to believe but reduced productivity at work, disinterest in sex, and general apathy about life, all can be traced to snoring problems.

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